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The book "Mathematics of the Weather" (see bibl. reference below) describes numerical methods to be used for weather and climate prediction. Our server provides software to implement such methods in atmospheric models. Until now the implementation of new model features requires long guest scientist stays between institutes, The software is intended to shorten such development projects by using the software in addition to guest scientist visits. This software is intended to grow until the construction of 3-d models on the sphere is possible. In this first version routines for grids on the sphere are given, both for rhomboidal and hexagonal cells. Since spherical grids are irregular differentiation routines are given providing integration schemes remaining accurate on irregular grids. This is for users with good mathematical knowledge and an interest in meteorological modelling. A very simple example is the transport of a one dimensional cloud or density function. The accurate description of lower boundaries by cut cells will be treated on our Unix/Linux server.

An interactive application given in this first release (see the link "simple Lorenz model" below) is intended for people with an interest in climate problems. A solution procedure is given to compute the simple scientific chaos model by Edward Lorenz, which is often used as a paradigma for the climate system. This solution is often given for rather special parameters which are the classic example for scientific chaos. The software of our server provides a more general solution. This allows to simulate the Lorenz climate for different heating rates and frictions and so simulate a climate change in this model. Plot programs are also offered. They visualize the resulting temperature fields.

The Lorenz model describes the air circulation in a rectangular cave. So it is not only a mathematical construction but rather describes real weather and climate in huge caves which we may soon see with settlements on Mars. The Lorenz model software may be used without a detailed understanding of the mathematics behind it.

Our book can now be ordered:
The Mathematics of Weather    
    Steppeler, Juergen (MOW&more,Bad Orb and GERICS, Germany)
    Lee, Jinxi (IAP Beijing, China)
Editor: Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2022
ISBN: 9783031072376
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